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                       The ATELIER Users Group or “The AUG” as it’s affectionately called, existed to bring together owners and players of the fabulous range of ATELIER instruments from the Roland stable. Operated and run by David Thomas of DTKM who was an ATELIER Concert Artiste and endorsee for the product for Roland in the UK, the group had a membership of beginners and seasoned players.

          As well as regular dealer visits and meetings up and down the UK, through the use of technology, members used this site to Sign-In and download updates for their AUG USB Sticks which gave them access to professionally prepared Registration Setups, Performances, Rhythm Styles, Software and Documents. These were all produced to enable them to achieve more from their chosen instrument and at no matter what level of playing ability they were at.


       The aim of the group was to create a base for its members to get much more from their various models. As they gained access to areas of this site not visible to first time visitors and through use of their sticks and updates we built a complete ATELIER Library of all materials for this wonderful range of instruments.


Welcome to “The AUG”

Although the last software was fundamentally aimed at owners of S, SL and USB models, DTKM & the group held a back-list library of ATELIER related software , so if you have an older or early model contact us for details of what’s available for your instrument.



Membership of “The AUG” is No Longer Available, however, Software for Many of the ATELIER Models is still held on file. For further information or to make a specific enquiry please use the Email address above.